Affiliate Disclaimer

If you downloaded my ebook or read my resource page, you’ll recall reading that I list affiliate links to products that I use throughout my site (and book) in order to:

  1. inform you of some of the products that are commonly used within the web design and development industry that I use and trust, and
  2. to make a profit from the links that you click on and purchase…without any additional cost from you

The reason for this notification is so that you will be fully aware of the products and services the textual and visual links will redirect you to after clicking on them. Just slapping affiliate links all over the place and not providing any information as to why I’m using them, is shady and underhanded.

Some of the businesses I promote include Adobe Systems, Aweber, GoDaddy, and Shiny White Box (iShowU). These services are what I use on a daily basis and provide demonstrations on how to use them. As always, if you don’t feel the items I have on my site are what you need or like, don’t spend your hard earned money just because I did.

Before I close things out, I want to state that I assume no responsibility or any liability for these products if you so happen to purchased them through these Third Parties. Even though I enjoy using the products I have mentioned above, if any problems arise after you purchase them, you will have to contact the company that created the product.

Thank you for your support!