HTML Coding

Just starting out learning HTML Coding? Below is a list of pages that will help you learn the language.

HTML Image 350pxWhat is HTML – Understanding the Content Layer of a Webpage
You may have heard the term HTML thrown around quite a bit and probably have only a little bit of an understanding. This article will explain what it is, the five core tags within every HTML document, and why it is important to know regardless of your trade.
HTML Tags - Structural Elements Imag 350px HTML Tags – Part 1: The Structural Elements
If the content within your posts are merged together without any breaks or is poorly displayed, you will lose your audience to your competitors. This tutorial will show you the structural tags in HTML that will help you display information properly.
HTML Tags Lists Image 350px HTML Tags – Part 2: Writing Your Lists
Have you ever seen a post where the author talks about their favorite movies or foods? They’ll have them listed with either bullets or numbers, making it easy to read. If you think that doing this task is easy, YOU’RE RIGHT!
HTML Tags Deprecated Image 350px Deprecated HTML Tags
There’s just no way around it. The web is constantly evolving with new ways of making user interaction easier and coding in HTML is no different. As you begin your journey in learning HTML, it is important that you learn its past in order to succeed in the present and the future.
HTML Tags - HTML Anchor TagHTML Tags – Part 3: The HTML Anchor Tag
Now that you’ve learned how to add content to your site and structure them properly, it’s time to get into the functionality of a website. We click on links everyday as we surf the web and without it, there would be no way to navigate to our favorite websites. Learning how the Anchor Tag works will help you determine which pages you want your audience to view.
HTML Tags - HTML Image TagHTML Tags – Part 4: The HTML Image Tag
Do you hate viewing paragraph after paragraph of information without seeing images to break up the content? If so, then chances are your audience will feel the same. As you create your site, make sure to add images that’ll complement your content.
HTML Tags - The HTML Table TagHTML Tags – Part 5: The Table Tag
The decision to use tables in your site is still a bit of a controversial topic because of its use in the past. If you’re not sure whether you should use a table in your site, read this article to find out what it is, how it was once used, and how you can use it effectively.
HTML Tags - HTML Form TagHTML Tags – Part 6: The HTML Form Tag
Social media has made it easier for us to communicate with one another. We can instantly tweet or like something to let others know what we’re interested in. But having a form on your site makes it easier for you to ask your audience questions and vice versa.