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There’s just no way around it. The web is constantly evolving with new ways of making user interaction easier and coding in HTML is no different. As you begin your journey in learning HTML, it is important that you learn its past in order to succeed in the present and the future.

There are a handful of tags that were widely used during the early days of HTML’s creation but with the development of CSS coding and the W3C revisiting the uses of some coding methods, there are a great deal of HTML tags that are, or will soon be, outdated in their use for the web.

Deprecated HTML Tags: Why They Are No Longer Used

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the law of the land concerning web standards, meet to evaluate the trends that are going on around the web as far as coding is concerned. This group is made up of web developers and web enthusiasts alike who are always finding ways of improving upon the methods used to utilize the web.

There were four revisions of the HTML language before XHTML (eXtensive HyperText Markup Language) came about. This version is what you have been learning if you have been following my HTML Tags Series, and it is more strict and organized than regular HTML. Even though it would be easier to work with HTML, it would be best, in my opinion, to use XHTML as a starting point for learning how to code for the web.

The lack of rules and structure of HTML, caused some of these tags to be on their way out the door. Most of the deprecated tags deal with presentational elements but there were some that dealt with the layout of the page. In the next section, you will see some of the tags removed and their replacements.

Deprecated HTML Tags: The Predecessors and Successors

Here is a table listing some of the former HTML tags and the current commands used in their place.

Image listing deprecated HTML Tags and their current replacements

Table listing some deprecated HTML Tags and their current replacements

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